The Cutest Little Duckie

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80 pgs perfect bound - Over 5000 words - 62 colorful pictures

An endearing 5000 word story for children Pre-K thru 10, right on up to the adults who read this heartwarming book to them.  Enhanced by 70 fine art color illustrations.

Characters:  Monkey: Spunky and friendly, rescues the shy, cutest little duckie from a tangle of pond reeds.

Duckie:  Loveable and endearing, captures Monkey's heart at first glance, which begins the start of a summer of fun and adventure -- concluding in an autumn, bittersweet parting of ways.

 Get your tissues ready...  but there are valuable lessons to be learned.

Bear:  Crybaby cub, separated from his Mama.  Monkey, Duckie and Bear set out to find her - but instead find an angry, aggressive snake!  See how they escape out of this predicament.  This is a Must Read book !

  This book will charm and delight your children.  Perfect holiday gift.  Retail price $18.95. 

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ISBN: 978-0-615-60859-4

Price:  $12.95 retail. Kindle: $2.99

Also available on (other sellers' prices may vary)

Author: Victoria Valentine

Illustrator:  Amanda R. Tucker

Publisher:  Water Forest Press


Reader Comments

I just read Duckie. Any child would like it, I think. I liked it better than Harry Potter (read 4 or 5 of the books, never saw a flick). The ending (don't remember seeing this said anywhere) emphrsizes trust. I liked it very much. Written clearly, with feeling. Playful. And the pictures are perfect. Where are they going to meet next spring? Duckie doesn't know where Monkey's treehouse is. Oh. At the pond.

Joseph Hart 3/12/2012




just got my copy of Duckie...and it is so cute,,,,took out of the mailbox, opened it and read it immediately,,,really heartwarming story! 



i am impressed with the illustrations too, but the story is especially great,,,,and shortly - i will get one for my two great nephews....perfect for them, one is just over two and the other is about 8 or 9== very nice, Victoria, it has lots of heart.

hugs Jacob-Erin Cilberto   12/10/07



Ordered Cutest Little Duckie for my Grandsons around Christmas, and we've read it around ten or twelve times since....loved it! A sweet and lovely story to share with your children.

Barbara Watkins

Author,Barbara Watkins


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